1/8th Metal Gear Ratchets

Metavega’s new compact rope ratchets (2 per pack) are best for hanging lights, filters and horticulture equipment. They have metal (gear locking) components for long life and strength and the patented pulley system pulls tight, locks in place and adjusts easily. Each 1/8th rope ratchet pulley holds 75 lbs. 1/8th Metal Gear Ratchets can handle jobs up to 150 lbs. Metavega rope ratchets are the key components to a successful garden, without our 1/8th metal gear rope ratchets hanging lighting equipment is almost impossible. Not only can our Metavega rope ratchets hang lights you can use them for carbon filters, fans, netting structures, and much more. If you dont need our metavega rope ratchets for your indoor garden than they can be used for hanging your plants outside.


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