The future of retail stores also know as “brick and mortar” are in direct jeopardy of going out of business everyday. Our goal here at Metavega is to provide stability within the hydroponic industry for retail shops. With  rapid e-commerce platforms driving prices down and driving traffic away from retail stores there has been a shift in who’s supplying who with products. We understand the chances of a retail store competing against an e-commerce platform is unlikely due to the higher overhead costs associated with conducting business such as employee payroll and rent expense. For this exact reason our primary focus is to provide the highest level of quality products at the most affordable cost exclusively to retail stores! MetaVega understands the need for higher quality products at costs that allow retail stores to remain in business.

Direct consumers who want our products will have to walk into a retail store to find it. You can NOT buy MetaVega products for resale unless you are a brick and mortar! If you want to purchase MetaVega products you must provide us with all the following requirements insuring to us you have a retail store:

1.) Must provide proof that you are a legal business entity (DBA, Partnership, LLC, etc.)

2.) Must provide your state resale tax certificate number if applicable in the state where your business is conducted.

3.) Business information (Name, Address, phone, email and owner information).

Our core principles and methods in exclusively selling to retail stores allows us to build trust and insure our retail customers that we will not sell our products to the direct consumer. Additionally, it provides retail stores the comfort that we are trying to move the industry forward and support their growth and sustainability.  We encourage ALL brick and mortar to redesign their supply chains and rethink who they want to do business with.