Purchase Our Metavega Rope Ratchets
Excellent Rope Ratchet’s
We’re pleased to announce that Our Customers seem to Love the Rope Ratchets and are selling like Hot Hangers. They sure aren’t hanging around here long. So come on Down to Short Baked Hydroponics in Monroe MI and pick you up a pair of Metavega Rope Ratchets. Thanks and Good Growing.

ShortBaked Hydroponics

Great Products, Great people, Great price

Best built rachet straps ive seen, Cant wait to see what these guys do next! Bert

Original Grow Depot Three Rivers

MetaVega Light Hangers
MetaVega ratchet light hangers are a higher quality with a cheaper price than the competition… We are happy to have them on the shelf at Upstate Hydroponics !!!
Bryson C.

Upstate Hydroponics!!!

Excellent Product
Top-selling product in my store. Very good construction. Definitely recommended!
Lisa N.

Happy Harvesters Burton

Great product and excellent customer service!!
Sharleen K.

Gro Pro Depot

High quality
These ratchets are amazing! We stopped carrying Hydrofarm ratchets and only carry these.
Allseasonhydro Rochester NEW YORK


Best Ratchet Ever!
I love these ratchets. Ever since these ratchets came into my store ,The Grow Wizard, Cleveland, OH , we have not carried anything but these ratchets. My customers love them just like I do. Thank you Metavega for coming into our lives and filling us with your ratchets. Lighting would not be complete without you.

The Grow Wizard

Great Products!
Metavega makes the best rope ratchets available! They are the only ones that are Grow Green MI approved!
Anthony P.

Grow Green MI

Good Stuff at a good Price
Good Stuff at a good value!!
Mike S.

Big Grow Hydroponics

Excellent product with a great warranty made by awesome people!
Michael Z.

Campbell's Indoor Gardening

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