1/4th Heavy Duty Rope Ratchet Set

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Perfect for XXXL hoods, and large carbon hoods!

Max Weight Is 300LBS

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1/4th Metal Gear Rope Ratchets
Metavega’s new HEAVY DUTY rope ratchets (2 per pack) are perfect for hanging XXXL Hoods, filters and other horticulture equipment. These 1/4 rope ratchets  have metal (gear locking) components to provide extra protection that insures the safety of the equipment that is being secured or hung with confidence.  The metal gear locking mechanisms are not standard materials being used by the competitors. Our product is heavy duty and will hold up to 300 pounds easy! We sell our 1/4th rope ratchets in a 2 pack offering you more for the customer and providing you with confidence knowing that we carry the highest quality rope ratchets in the market.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 9 × 1 in

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    1/8th Inch Metal Gear Rope Ratchet Sets (16 Units)

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    1/8th Inch Metal Gear Rope Ratchet Sets (16 Units)

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    Our product will not slip, causing your lighting equipment to crash down and break costing you tons of money.

    To receive free freight on your ratchet order, you must purchase 128 units or more. 

    • Our 1/8″ rope ratchets will automatically lock in place
    • No knots or chains to mess with!
    • 150 Pounds maximum load limit using both rope ratchets
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