Pure322 Master Case (48 Units)

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Our LDE extraction process is amphiphilic by design where dimethyl ether has a polar head and two non-polar tails making it soluble in both hydrophilic (water-loving, polar) and lipophilic (fat-loving, non-polar). Dimethyl ether is perfectly suited to penetrate the waxy non-polar surface layer of the trichome and extract 100% of the non-polar terpenes and other essential botanical oils from the water inside. The thermodynamic driving force is the release of energy in the form of entropy (randomness). Alternatively, n-butane is completely non-polar solvent and the trichome’s cellular water exhibits strong repulsion forces making it nearly impossible to achieve such superior results.

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Metavega has developed an Eco-Friendly Liquefied Dimethyl Ether (LDE) extraction process for the extraction of botanical oils without compromising the authentic and genuine aromatic and therapeutic natural properties. Our LDE process is superior to n-butane because its

  • High Trichome Recovery- Our Solvent Is Proven To Extract 100% Of The Trichome “UNLIKE N-BUTANE”
  • Mild Extraction Methods- Eliminates Pre-Processing & Post Processing 
  • Eco-Friendly
  •  It is free of toxic heavy metals like Arsenic, Barium, Lead, and Mercury
  • 525Ml Per Can
  • 8 Cans Per Case/48 Cans Per Master Case $4.25 each unit

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Weight 49 lbs