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MetaVega continuously makes great strides in advancing horticultural economics and business management within our core corporate strategy. Focusing on maintaining a strong international competitive advantage through pricing, transport and logistics enables us to provide the highest level of efficiency in supply chain management. MetaVega pursues only value added horticulture methodologies that promote environmental sustainability, awareness and efficiency. These value added methodologies transpire through the various products we bring into your outdoor or indoor gardening world.
We strongly believe that most large enterprises have neglected the human aspect of business in the rush for a quick profit. Although profits are the main priority of corporations, they can take into account other factors such as environmental impact, social responsibility and sustainability of humanity. Although these factors can be taken into account we know they often are ignored. MetaVega takes pride in placing priority on these matters and not just our bottom line. Each product that we offer has the environment and each individuals cultivation needs in mind.
Our current products are just an introduction to the array of products that we will be bringing to the horticulture marketplace. From our branding and packaging to the technology of our products we have adhered to only offering top quality at the most affordable prices. Please make it your mission to check back with us to view our new product offerings in support of environmental sustainability and social responsibility to our planet earth.
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Our DE-MV1000 is the only ballast in the market that truly has the microchips to strike the lamps below. This ballast is a 5 in 1 SWITCHABLE from Single Ended/ CMH/ to Dual Ended. We highly recommend using High Frequency Lamps Only. Our DE-MV1000 is perfect for home, greenhouse,and large commercial grows. This ballast is equipped with Frequency Adjustable Technology, Soft Smart Technology, Hot Lamp Protection, RFI Resin Protected, 8 ft power cord.

Compatible Lamps:
• HPS 1000w DE/SE
• MH 1000w DE/SE
• CMH 630w DE
• CMH 945w DE

Dimmable (W): 630/690/825/945/1000/1150
Operating Voltage: 120-240v


O ur LDE extraction process is amphiphilic by design where dimethyl ether has a polar head and two non-polar tails making it soluble in both hydrophilic (water-loving, polar) and lipophilic (fat-loving, non-polar). Dimethyl ether is perfectly suited to penetrate the waxy non-polar surface layer of the trichome and extract 100% of the non-polar terpenes and other essential botanical oils from the water inside. The thermodynamic driving force is the release of energy in the form of entropy (randomness). Alternatively, n-butane is completely non-polar solvent and the trichome’s cellular water exhibits strong repulsion forces making it nearly impossible to achieve such superior results.


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MetaVega’s promise is to always deliver top high quality products with 100% customer satisfaction, we carry the best metal gear rope ratchets for your lighting system.

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