Who Is Metavega?

MetaVega joined the “grow” revolution in 2014 and is based out of Rochester, NY. Although some may see our small presence to be a weakness, we see it as an opportunity to provide our customers with rock bottom prices and a stronger business relationship. Due to our low overhead costs and the ability to provide a more personal business focus for each of our customer’s specific needs, we are able to capitalize. Dealing with larger suppliers can lead to long wait times and a very impersonal business relationship. MetaVega prides itself on going the extra mile to build a personal individual connection with all our retailers and wholesalers as each and every one are a top priority.

Our company’s business model and core is built off our name. Meta means tri or three in the Italian language, representing the three pillars of our company. The three pillars are quality, customer satisfaction and integrity. MetaVega’s promise is to always deliver high quality products with 100% customer satisfaction and to always conduct business with the highest level of integrity. Vega is the brightest star within the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star within the night sky and the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere. The Vega star is used to represent the significance of light to the horticultural industry as light is a key necessity of plant life to grow. We see ourselves as becoming a key necessity in supplying the world with the proper tools and know how to cultivate gardens and provide environmentally sustainable horticulture.

Our current focus is within the lighting segment of the market with active plans of expanding our product line within this 2021 calendar year. We continue to channel ourselves around continuous growth, expansion and competitive pricing to meet customer needs.